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The Antichrist: Signs of His Coming

The Antichrist: Signs of His Coming

This book with fantastic and geopolitical accents makes us aware of the time in which we are on God's clock.


Why wait to read it?

No other biblical theme has provoked so many fantasies: the antichrist!

And this, both in the Christian world and in Western society as a whole.


The subject is oh so complex: the biblical texts are sober on this subject. They use codes and symbols. This vagueness which surrounds these words is quite intentional: to place the listener in a situation where he will be brought to pray and to watch at all times.


The style is simple and straightforward. The author addresses the question of eschatological events. It goes back to the sources of Jewish tradition which was also that of Jesus Christ and the apostles. He captivates us and awakens our minds so that we are among those whose ears can hear and who understand the signs that announce the night but also the dawn.

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