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I don't want you to ignore this mystery

I don't want you to ignore this mystery

What is happening in Israel and the Middle East? There are many, even among evangelicals, who wonder: Is the state of Israel still the people of God? What attitude should we have towards Zionism? To anti-Zionism?

This book attempts to answer these questions. It reviews the history of Israel from its origins to the present day, in light of scriptures and Bible prophecy. It thus offers points of reference, both chronological and biblical, for those who want to understand the "mystery of Israel", of which non-Jewish Christians should not be ignorant, according to Paul.

Thus, this work wants to be an incitement to this "mystery" which has become insoluble for many, because of the disinformation of the media and the journalists who, themselves often ignore the complex history of this region and of course of what the Bible asserts.

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