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An astonishing prophecy for our time (last generation)

Prophecy of Nilus, disciple of John Chrysostom, bailiff at the court of Constantinople, theologian and renowned biblical scholar, often consulted by people of all conditions on different subjects. Died in 430.

We had already published this prophecy in the Keren paper version n°122. Always as much or even more topical, it is good to be able to meditate on these few sentences written 1600 years ago.

"People of this age (last age) will be unrecognizable. When the time of the coming of the antichrist approaches, the intelligence of men will be obscured by carnal passions. Degradation and license (= immorality) will increase. The world will then become unrecognizable.

People will change their appearance and it will be impossible to distinguish men from women because of the effrontery in the way of dressing and in the fashions of their hair. Men will be cruel like wild animals, because of the temptations of the antichrist. Parents and elders will no longer be respected.

Christian pastors, bishops and priests will become vain men, completely incapable of discerning their right from their left. Love will disappear.

In those times, the traditions of Christians and the Church will change. People will no longer practice modesty and dissipation will reign. Lies and greed will reach great proportions. Woe to those who will pile up treasures! Lust, adultery, homosexuality, covert actions and murder will be the rule in society. In this future time, because of the power of such great criminals and such debauchery, people will be deprived of the grace of the Holy Spirit... They won't even have remorse anymore! Churches will be deprived of god-loving and god-fearing pastors. Woe to the Christians who will live on earth at that time! They will completely lose faith because there will be no one to show them the light of truth. Those who move away from the world to holy refuges will encounter only obstacles and constraints everywhere.

All this will result from the fact that the antichrist wants to be the lord of all things and become the master of the whole universe. He will perform implausible signs and miracles. He will also give a poor man depraved wisdom, to discover a way to conduct a conversation with another from one end of the earth to the other. In these times too, men will fly through the air like birds and descend into the oceans like fish, and when they get there, these unfortunate people will spend their lives in comfort, without knowing, poor souls, that this is a deception of Satan.

And he, the Ungodly, will fill science with vanity to such an extent that it will deviate from the right way and lead men into the loss of faith, even in the existence of God! From one God in three persons! But the infinitely good God will see the decay of the human race. He will shorten these days for the sake of a few, of those who must be saved, for the enemy would like to bring even the elect into temptation, if it is possible. Then the sword of punishment will suddenly appear and it will slaughter the corrupter and his servants! »

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