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The rumors of wars

In his talk on the end of times, Jesus said this: "You will hear about wars and rumors of wars, be careful not to be alarmed because it must happen, but it will not be the end yet. Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in places. »(Matthew 24 v 6-7) The latter, if the news is mainly focused on the pseudo fifth wave of Covid, the vaccination of children and the new “terrifying” variant Omicron, other elements, however much more important, have been mentioned quietly. I am not talking here about the Zemmour phenomenon, widely publicized and which unfairly receives a volley of media green wood in the face for its positions. I mean the rumors of wars that we hear more and more. Wars that would involve Russia, China, Iran, Israel, Europe ... In short, these are events which, as Jesus reminds us, have always existed and still exist and are not a particular sign of the end of time, except for the war of Gog (Ezekiel 38) which mainly concerns the Middle East, it seems, or the two world wars for the geopolitical upheavals they have learned (creation of the modern Middle East, nuclear bombs…).

Or, ce sont justement les bouleversements géopolitiques qui pourraient survenir à la suite de conflits ou de tensions qui nous intéressent aujourd’hui.

However, it is precisely the geopolitical upheavals that could arise as a result of conflicts or tensions that interest us today. 1) The first point, and not the least, is that of the conflict between Iran and Israel. These columns have been exposing the Iranians' dangerous approach to the nuclear threshold and the bomb for several months now. However, geopolitics is done over the long term. Preparing for war or a weapon like an atomic bomb takes years and years of production, and the deadline can often be postponed months later with political and diplomatic events. As we have said before, since the inauguration of the Biden administration, the Iranians have revived their military nuclear production at full speed. For more details, you can read articles from August and October, with very little information leaking from Iran since. On the other hand, the nuclear negotiations scheduled for late November-early December, with Western countries, quickly collapsed. For good reason: the Iranians refused to make the slightest effort of goodwill. This shows their logic of saving time, since at the same time, they display a false openness to any negotiation whatsoever. The logical outcome of the latest negotiations is that the West is disappointed that they have failed to change Iranian policy, while the Iranians are rubbing their hands at the thought of having won a few months of respite. Israel understood that a diplomatic solution would not emerge and that the military option was almost mandatory now. For several years now, the Israeli army and the Mossad have sabotaged Iranian nuclear factories with the help of Iranians, including senior scientists. A recent report indicated that a dozen Iranian nuclear scientists and nearly 1,000 Mossad operatives have carried out three major sabotage operations in the past 18 months in Iran, in addition to a multitude of clandestine actions in Iran and the rest of the world. all of the Middle East.

On December 5, an operation was carried out (surely by Israel) against the nuclear facilities in Natanz: at least five drones crossed the Iranian border from Azerbaijan and were able to attack the Iranian power plant. Nonetheless, it is difficult to know much more about the precise situation since communications have been cut by the Iranians in the region. This new attack demonstrates that Israel is trying at all costs to avoid a large and complex attack on nuclear facilities.

But the current actions only delay it in reality and cannot stop the Iranians' onward flight towards the bomb. If there is an Israeli attack, the Iranian response will be substantial and Iranian-allied militias in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon could attack the Hebrew state, aided by the Palestinians in Gaza and Judea and Samaria. In short, we are potentially on the brink of a major conflict between Israel and Iran, a conflict that could resemble the war described by the prophet Ezekiel in chapter 38 of his book.

2) Other fronts have been talking about them in recent days. According to Ukrainian and American officials, Russia is preparing for a major conflict with Ukraine in early 2022. Both Russians and Ukrainians are constantly preparing troops on both sides of the border. The Americans speak of a Russian invasion of more than 175,000 Russian soldiers, with artillery, battle tanks ...

Two scenarios seem to emerge: either it is about a Russian threat against Ukraine so that this country does not join NATO and does not come closer to the West, or it is really a question of a Russian attempt to take advantage of the weakness of Europeans and Americans, who have been very cautious since Biden's arrival, and who would no doubt hesitate before engaging with the Ukrainians in the event of war with Russia. After all, Ukraine is not a member of the European Union and its NATO membership would mark a "casus belli" (declaration of war) for Russia, which would then see the pro-American alliance established. a few hundred kilometers from Moscow. An obviously untenable situation for Putin's Russia. The latter can nevertheless count on Belarus, a staunch ally of Moscow, which currently exploits networks of Afghan and Iraqi migrants to put pressure on the European Union by sending hordes of migrants to the Polish borders. Poland is not a French Gruyère (Emmental) and migrants are stopped dead at the borders of this troubled sovereign state. It should be noted that, more generally, the Russian and Belarusian strategy is working because it demonstrates the weak cohesion within the European Union. Poland is under attack and very few European countries support it in this fight, which nevertheless concerns them (violation of the Schengen area). Germany and France have even criticized Poland, accused of racism by its opponents, because it rejects "poor migrants" yet dressed in luxury Canada Goose jackets at € 800 and directly transported from the Middle East by Belarusian planes. It is exactly this weakness and disunity in the Western camp that Putin could exploit in the event of conflict from the end of January next in Ukraine.

3) The last theater of operations mentioned in these columns concerns the possible invasion of Taiwan by China. Unlike the other two previous hot situations, such a conflict could be unleashed by 2023, according to US intelligence analysts. For good reason: the Chinese are followers of the long term and prefer to prepare as well as possible. The fact remains that repeated violations of Taiwanese air territory by the Chinese air force are repeated more and more and Communist China does not hide its intention to take possession of the island of Taiwan. As a reminder, Taiwan is the "second" China, since at the end of the 1940s (in 1949 to be precise), the Chinese government had to go into exile on this island because of its defeat in the civil war against the Chinese Communist Party, which thus seized mainland China and created the People's Republic of China (Communist) which is better known as "China". In reality, therefore, there are two Chinas since Taiwan is officially called the "Republic of China". Communist China is of great concern to Westerners today and the focus of global attention. In fact, an economic and technological "war" is already underway between the Chinese and the West. Obviously, in the event of an invasion of Taiwan, the United States will surely go to war against the Chinese, since the current "cold war" opposes these two powers, one of which is in decline while the other (China) is on the royal road to be the superpower of tomorrow. Great future for our world ....

This brief geopolitical description, which is far from exhaustive, shows us how the rumors of wars have continued to increase in recent months. As Christians, we know that wars must arise and that this seeming world “peace” can be shattered in a matter of moments. This article is not intended to further distress some of us, already largely overwhelmed by information about Covid and others. But on the contrary, it is a message of hope because we know that The End is very near and that these "rumors of wars" remind us of it. As Jesus said at the end of his talk on the end times: “When that begins to happen, straighten yourselves up and lift up your heads because your deliverance is approaching. " And he told them a parable: “See the fig tree and all the trees, as soon as they bud, you know for yourself by seeing that summer is already near. Likewise, you too, when you see these things happening, know that the Kingdom of God is at hand. Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all this happens. » (Luke 21 v 28-32)

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