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The last moments of insouciance

Summer is coming to an end and the start of the new school year is approaching. As in the last two years, our leaders have released the bridle during the holidays. And again...

Certainly, the sanitary pass and all Covid measures have been removed, giving a semblance of a return to normal life. However, everything has been done to shape people's thinking about future crises.

Between the stories of the fighting in Ukraine, the tensions with China and Taiwan, the forest fires and the strange heat wave, on the origin of which we often pass very quickly (we would have to develop here the subject of geoengineering, which would take us too far, but I strongly advise everyone to question themselves on these subjects)...

By talking to us about the war in Ukraine, our leaders are gradually preparing us for an expansion of the conflict, which seems increasingly inevitable.

President Macron announced, a few days ago, to have an emotional thought (sniff) for the French population who will have to bear the burden of the French commitment in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia (for the moment, only financially, but at the rate at which we are going, it is soon the whole of NATO that will go to the front). Indeed, some French generals are calling for a French military engagement alongside the Ukrainians...

It is interesting to note that Klaus Schw*b, in his book "The Great Reset", already spoke of a conflict between the West and Russia, in which Macron would emerge as the reunifier of a Europe united around this fight against Russia... In 2020... The war was then far away... Let us not forget that this is a cleverly orchestrated program of which we are only puppets, without any interest. Hence the usefulness of learning about this project of great reset.

The media have also prepared us well mentally for the harshness of future cool seasons, which will surely be punctuated by energy and food crises. It is particularly on this point that I wanted to come back to in this article. I had already mentioned the interest of being attentive to the extremely rapid evolution of our world and anticipating the diabolical scenarios that our elites concoct.

Thank God, throughout the summer we have been able to meet many Christians awakened to our situation and this is a grace, may the Lord open the eyes of his faithful children. But surprisingly, a significant part of these people told us that they were not materially preparing for future crises. "By the grace of God!"

Certainly, our God will keep us and protect us from all evil, but He also gives us the intelligence and wisdom to be ready to live these painful moments. Here I will take the example of Noah who, divinely warned, built up an earthly shelter and food for himself, his family and the animals, according to God's will.

Yet, humanly, Noah could have waited for God to bring him this shelter on a platter. This was not the case because Noah had to build this ark with the sweat of his brow, and for decades and decades. Everyone laughed at him. Yet he was far-sighted and saved his life and that of his family by this obedience.

Since creation, God has given us great freedom (which Jean Marc Thobois or Pierre David Thobois describe very well in their work). God expects a first step from man and if man makes decisions that could harm him, God intervenes to bring him back to the path of justice. But if and only if man is righteous before God.

In our time, we must be modern Noahs. We must be aware of our weakness, especially to understand everything about this terminal spiritual battle. Also, we must trust God when He allows us to understand certain things, especially this plan of great reset.

It is for this reason that I consider that we must prepare ourselves spiritually AND materially for the crises that lie ahead, because God gives His wisdom to his faithful so that they are ready. Just as the wise virgins were ready. Many interpretations speak of the oil that symbolizes the Holy Spirit... but Jesus' essential message to us is that the virgins did what was necessary to prepare themselves and that, despite their drowsiness, they were ready.

I feel a little guilty for not having written these lines earlier because we are entering these last moments of freedom, before the surge of liberticidal measures, during autumn and / or winter. Over the past few months, I have tried to briefly present to you these (strongly) possible crises related to the decisions of our elites and the geopolitical developments that result from them.

We will be affected in the winter or years to come by these energy and food crises because the elite seeks to put us under guardianship definitively, before the fateful date of 2030, which will inaugurate at the latest the entry into the New World Order (cf Schw*b and his henchmen).

To guard against it, at least temporarily - because God will take over later - we can prepare some reserves, of food, of course, but also and above all of drinking water (much more necessary). For energy, I dare hope that you do not heat yourself with gas or electricity, in which case, a troubleshooting solution could be interesting.

We will not survive by these few means but they can still allow us to take the blow of the first shocks and give us time to take a step back from the situation to come, which we greatly missed at the beginning of Covid.

I say it again and again, the purpose of the great reset is to make all knees bend before the New World Order. For this, it is necessary to break the most primary freedoms of the population (eat, heat ...) in order to make it dependent, submissive and eager to be "saved" by governments that will have the solution, but at what price (a chip for example ...)!

This was perhaps the last call before the real crises began. Let's not forget that for Schw"*b or G*tes, Covid was only an "hors d'oeuvre" without possible comparison with the next crises.

Jesus' discourse on the end times (Matthew 24) also shows us that the message is spiritual AND human. Indeed, Jesus addresses this message in view of the end times but also of times close to his death, since in this case, he warns his disciples to avoid the crises to come during the terrible years 67-73. During this period, the Jewish rebellion against the Roman Empire resulted in a very harsh and cruel repression against the Jews, and Jerusalem will be largely devastated on this occasion, with the Temple eventually being set on fire after being defiled.

Mt 24:15 "Therefore, when you see the abomination of desolation, of which the prophet Daniel spoke, established in the holy place, let him who reads be careful! -"

Mt 24:16 "then, let those who will be in Judea flee into the mountains"

Mt 24:20 "Pray that your flight will not come in winter, nor on a Sabbath day."

The Messianic Jews of those times lived through this moment of intense persecution and only those who were attentive to the message of Jesus, given thirty years earlier, were saved. According to historians specializing in the issue, a large number of Messianic Jews were then killed because they remained in Jerusalem for the Passover holiday, just before the Romans launched the final assault.

So let us be attentive to God's voice and try to discern His will for us. May He help us to make the right decisions down to the smallest of details, so that we can finish the race victorious, despite the trials that are yet to come.

For: Mt 24:22 " if these days were not shortened, no one would be saved; but, because of the elect, these days will be shortened."

Soon, we will each have to make choices between our freedom and comfort, even our life. The question of whether to take the vaccine or not will seem ridiculous in the face of these choices. But if we are faithful in the small things, God will strengthen us so that we may be faithful in the big things. Our time is historic. YOU are among the chosen ones chosen by God to get through this dark time. Be worthy of it, let us be worthy of it!

May God shine his face on each of you!

Small addition of August 26: M*cron has just confirmed what I warn you in these lines, during a speech before the Council of Ministers, on August 24: "What we are experiencing is of the order of a great tipping point or a great upheaval. We are living the end of what could appear as an abundance..." No, all this is absolutely not conspiracy!! Let's really take these words seriously! They have everything planned!! Nothing will make them back down...

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