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News about supporting operations that Keren Israel is currently conducting

Operation A little more heat allowed us to send 5,517, 50 € to our friends IDF soldiers.

They were able to receive warm jackets, underwear, and all kinds of equipment that could improve their daily lives. The young beneficiaries are extremely grateful to have been able to benefit from your generosity.

We continue to receive donations and other purchases will be made based on the amounts received.

Operation Urgence Ukraine

Facing the terrible war situation that surprised the Ukrainians, We also decided to send a major emergency donation to help the return and support of the Jews who are still in Ukraine. It is the ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem) that is responsible for organizing these returns (very complicated moreover, we can easily imagine it...) and aid to refugees.

If any of you cares about our Jewish friends in Ukraine, we will pass on what you may have put aside for them.

A great TODA to all for your generosity and love for the people of God.

Let us remain at the side of our brothers in difficulties and carry them in prayer.

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