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Moving towards the anti-Christ transhumanist project

The major media tell you about the war in Ukraine, the French political negotiations in the run-up to the legislative elections, the news items of unprecedented violence but which have become so commonplace... but none of them really "inform" you, nor do they analyze in depth what is happening in our world today. We are content to offer you snippets of information supplemented by mantras that must be taken as the word of the Gospel.

Christians themselves are bearing the brunt of this gigantic and grotesque disinformation to the point of being fully anesthetized, even as we have been entering the anti-Christ world announced by the prophets of Scripture for a few months.

Indeed, the Covid crisis has not been a simple health crisis (whose catastrophic aspect has also been clearly exaggerated compared to its other counterparts). In a book that should be released in the coming weeks, Pierre-David Thobois masterfully analyzes the transition between the world before and modern Babylon, the anti-Christ world created before our eyes by the planetary elites, under the guise of a health crisis.

Yes, Covid is a virus that can be dangerous for fragile people, just like the flu or certain viral diseases. On that, nothing new under the sun. On the other hand, the way in which this crisis has been managed on a global scale, with measures that are liberticidal as possible and totally unheard of, is extremely alarming.

However, a large part of Christians (especially evangelicals by the way, I see more resistance and understanding of the times among Catholics, to my astonishment) wander according to the alarmist news, tossed by this disinformation, without being able to stand back and analyze with Wisdom (divine wisdom, not human) this situation. Once again, Peter David explains perfectly this apathy of Christian circles, even the frank collaboration with those who organize the world of the antichrist.

This crisis is general, I said, and it is by no means a health crisis. Under the pretext of a pandemic, the elites have managed to lock up entire populations and make them agree to enter into a great transhumanist project. Because this is our topic of the day: transhumanism or the modification of our DNA.

This is not new; Scientists have been seeking for decades to modify human DNA to make humans more resilient and allow them to live longer. Some even hope to achieve immortality. Jean-Marc Thobois spoke several times on these central subjects but so neglected by Christians. We also know that a global experiment has been in place for more than a year and a half now, namely the "vaccination" against Covid.

Gene therapies called"vaccines" are thus administered to billions of individuals under the pretext of protection against a virus with such frightening mortality... (We can also see the effectiveness of these "vaccines"...). However, these products seem to contain nanoparticles, or even nanotechnologies, as well as graphene oxide. These biotechnologies also seem to be able to modify human DNA (this is the principle of mRNA, unlike conventional vaccines). These findings are not new since experts have looked into the issue since the appearance of "vaccines" and have alarmed about the components of these.

Let's summarize: Covid "vaccines" would contain nanotechnologies capable of transforming our DNA and in particular of creating a third DNA helix on which programmable genetic codes can be inscribed.

To give you a comparison, the men of the twentieth century would now be in possession of a USB key pluggable on their body, which could transform them into their being. But is it really to protect yourself only against a virus?

Since the beginning of the Covid crisis, the transhumanist and anti-Christic "priests" such as Klaus Schwab, Jacques Attali, Bill Gates or Yuval Harari have not hidden their intentions. It is necessary to use the opportunity of the Covid crisis to pass into the world of the future where man becomes god and is able, even, to manage life, prolong it or even prevent death (that is to say the transhumanist and anti-Christic world).

Yuval Harari stated:

"To successfully hack humans, you need two things: a good understanding of biology and great computing power. The Inquisition and the KGB did not have this knowledge and power. But soon, companies and governments could have both, and once they can hack you, they will not only be able to predict your choices, but also reorganize your feelings. To do this, companies and governments won't need to know you perfectly. That's impossible. They will just have to know you a little better than you know yourself.

Just as your computer has an antivirus program that detects malware, we may need an antivirus for the brain. Your AI companion will learn from experience that you have a particular weakness (whether for funny cat videos or for infuriating stories about Trump) and block them on your behalf," about a chipping of humans.

Moreover, man does not hide his intentions and that of his transhumanist cronies and from the beginning of the Covid, these people rejoiced at this unique opportunity to use the health crisis to accelerate the tipping of the world into transhumanist and anti-Christic madness (control of the masses, human modifications). , restrictions of freedoms, sorting between useful men (them) and useless men (us) ...).

These are not science fiction or futuristic predictions: right now, scientists have much of the technical ability to apply these things. For those who doubt these things, a famous teacher gave the students of West Point (US military academy, equivalent to Saint Cyr) a lecture in 2021, on the remote control of human brains through mRNA vaccines. It is now possible to change people's behaviors without their knowledge, their feelings, even their beliefs, which is the ultimate goal of transhumanism. It is necessary to create men devoid of beliefs, especially in God since the new gods are men themselves, by their scientific genius.

A Freemason and occultist at the beginning of the last century said:

"In the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine. Under the pretext of a health point of view, there will be a vaccine by which the human body will be treated as soon as possible directly at birth, so that the human being cannot develop the thought of the existence of the soul and the Spirit.

Materialistic doctors will be entrusted with the task of removing the soul of humanity. As today, people are vaccinated against this disease or other disease, so in the future, children will be vaccinated with a substance that can be produced precisely in such a way that people, through this vaccination, will be immune to the 'madness' of the spiritual life. They will be extremely intelligent, but it will not develop consciousness, and this is the real goal of some materialistic circles. »

Rudolf Steiner (The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness). His theories fascinated Himmler and Hess...

What no totalitarian regime has managed to do is to bring down the last bastion of freedoms that can exist in its subjects: freedom of conscience and belief. This inner freedom is now attainable for these creators of modern Babel.

What if?

What if "vaccines" were not mere medical products but one of the pillars of the anti-Christ construction of a new world? A world where God is, of course, excluded and where freedom no longer exists, although in appearance it is still believed to possess it.

Are we free nowadays? No, of course not... The health pass and the lockdown are only the tip of the iceberg that has been present for decades. Once again, Pierre-David Thobois' book deciphers in depth our current world, in which freedoms are being curtailed without us even realizing it since we have lost the sense of true freedom, due to the dechristianization of our societies.

What if?

So why does Bill Gates intervene on France 2 and why does he explain that a new variant much more disastrous than the previous ones will see the light of day in the fall?

Let's not forget that this Mr. Gates was (and remains) influential in the IT world and his former company, Microsoft, specialized in biotechnology. At the same time, Gates is at the head - or very influential within - of large pharmaceutical companies (Gavi...) producing "vaccines". Bill Gates is, moreover, a training programmer and knows better than anyone how to program computer software.... Implanted in the brain?

The grey areas and the questions that we had at the beginning of the media hype of the Covid, then of the "vaccination" are gradually rising. The wise Christian must understand these times because, if we ourselves do not understand that what is happening, when it has been described in the Word of God, how will unbelievers do it?

Now, the tragedy today is precisely that those who rise up against this anti-Christic world in formation are mainly non-believers. Many Christians have a very clear vision of what the end times should be and what is happening does not entirely correspond to their scenario. So they refuse to admit that these elements (e.g. "vaccines") are so obvious as part of the antichrist's plan.

Nothing is hidden, however. The elites are constantly proclaiming their intentions, without the popular mass being able to hear and understand this diabolical plan. There is a tradition among Freemasons in particular to warn other people of their future actions. The followers of the world's level have been claiming for decades and above all, for two years, their intentions and the popular mass remains deaf!

And the mass of Christians remains deaf! She prefers to continue her little weekly songs... The ostrich policy...

Last thing, this is not conspiracy! We live in a time when conspiracy theory hardly exists anymore! According to the Larousse, a conspiracy is "a more or less reprehensible project of an action carried out jointly and secretly". However, precisely, nothing is secret today in the age of over information and social networks. Especially when the elites don't hide it...

We are living in extraordinary times because never has the diabolical power been so strong and present. But this is a good sign because it heralds its imminent fall! These are the last jolts of the revolt begun against God during the rebellion of Satan and his armies.

"The ten horns you have seen are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they are given the power to rule for an hour with the beast. They have the same thought and they give their power and power to the beast. (Apoc 17 v 12-13)

"Keeping away, in fear of his torment, they will say: Woe! Malheur! The big city, Babylon, the mighty city! In a single hour came your judgment! (Apoc 18 v 10).

Yuval Harari

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