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Keep courage and stay awake!!

It is now a little over a year since the Lord allowed us to open this website, in order to continue to inform, to warn our friends in Israel and to share old articles by Jean-Marc Thobois to build them up.

More and more of you are reading us and also telling us how important mutual support is in these times where we could feel very lonely...

At the end of this year, we want to thank you for your support, your encouragements and your interest in the beloved people of Israel that we continue to encourage through your donations.

The leaders of various associations that we support are really touched by this love coming from French Evangelical Christians. Thank you to all of you and may the Lord bless those who love His people!

These times are truly daunting; you know it, you live them... And if this year ends, for many, in a certain worry, even anxiety, the one that is coming does not seem much brighter and already promises us many trials: sounds of wars, economic difficulties (collapse in sight ...), but also and above all, accelerated restrictions of the freedom we have left ...

Everything is getting excited, it's true and how quickly !

In retrospect, this year 2021 was a very rapid descent into obscure backgrounds... But should we really be surprised?

The Lord, in His Word, did not promise us easy times before His return, but on the contrary, a flood of sin and an outburst of men against Him and His chosen ones!

Everything that is announced to us or that we can already anticipate, has every reason to plunge us into anguish and fear. We are human, like David, the king, who recognized his fears and anxieties: "From the end of the earth, I cry out to you, my heart dejected." Psalm 61 v 3

"You have made us feel many distresses and misfortunes; but you will give us life again. You will bring me up from the abyss of the earth. Console me again! » Psalm 71 v 20 – 21

There is no shame in having fears and even terrors. But in our distresses and trials, the Savior promises us His help, His presence, His grace : "Those who trust in the Lord are like the Mountain of Zion, which does not falter, It subsists forever. Jerusalem is surrounded by mountains, so the Lord surrounds his people now and forever”. Psalm 125 v 1 and 2

Around us, it is true, reign terror, fear, lies... So, men get dizzy, try to "enjoy" life and do not want to think about a future that is too scary.

But the danger for us children of God, is to be surprised... by events and above all, by the return of the Lord, so close...

So, let us straighten our heads, let us be warned, let us be attentive and may this word of God to Isaiah comfort us, despite our moments of discouragement:

"You will not fear what he (this people) fears, and you will not fear it. It is the Lord of armies that you must sanctify, It is He that you must fear, It is He that you must fear. Then He will be a sanctuary”. Isaiah 8 v 12 and 13

It is the one who will give us the strength to walk forward, to the end of the road, to victory... The light points to the horizon, then, courage, one more step, then one step... and it will be our deliverance!

And here is another psalm of comfort to read in full, the 91st and which is the last psalm that Jean-Marc Thobois heard (read by a brother pastor a few hours before his flight to the Lord ...). He had also quoted the following passage in his last book "The Antichrist": "It is He, my God, who delivers you from the net of the birder, from the plague and its ravages. He will cover you with his feathers, You will take refuge under his wings... Nothing will reach you...”

So, in these times of dizziness, when the people of this world laugh to forget the sadness of their hopeless lives and the anguish of future times, we, children of God, want to remember that: "In the city of David, a Savior was born to us, who is Christ, the Lord...” and that very soon, "All the tribes of the earth will see this Son of man come on the clouds of heaven, with much power and glory!" Matthew 24 v 30

Thank you Lord for this wonderful hope!

So, let's keep courage, keep our lamps on and stay awake!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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